Responsible Gaming

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Promoting Awareness Among Gamblers

A key objective of responsible gambling is to raise awareness and educate players about the possible consequences of uncontrolled betting, namely to provide information about the risks, odds and potential harms associated with gambling. In this way, players will be able to make informed decisions, understand the importance of responsible gambling and avoid many problems.

Warning Signs of Uncontrolled Gambling

It is scientifically proven that loss of control over gambling can lead to addiction and other negative consequences. Addicted people cannot live without gambling, they experience a constant craving for gambling and stop controlling their actions, getting into debt, losing their jobs, and ruining relationships with others.    

The list below reflects the most common signs of an existing or developing addiction:

  • You are spending more money than you can afford and your standard of living has noticeably decreased;
  • You have gotten into debt or credit;
  • You do not control how much time you spend gambling;
  • Your relationships with others have deteriorated;
  • You keep your gambling addiction a secret;
  • You experience stress or mood swings if you don’t bet for a while;
  • You have become irritable or have health problems.

Useful Tips for Responsible Gambling

Check out the tips below to help you gamble more responsibly and prevent gambling addiction:

  • Control your budget and don’t spend more than you can afford;
  • Set monetary limits on your bets;
  • Don’t give in to your emotions and don’t try to win back. Every bet should be considered; 
  • Set a time limit on your bets; 
  • Morally adjust to any outcome, because the results are always unpredictable; 
  • Do not borrow money;  
  • Do not bet while under the influence of alcohol or other substances;
  • Take breaks and rest;
  • Always remember that gambling is not a source of income, but a way to relax and have fun.

Seeking Support and Treatment

If you have discovered signs or gambling addiction in yourself or your loved ones, then don’t panic too quickly as there are various places, organizations and helplines these days that provide resources, counseling and treatment options to cope with the problem. It is important to seek help so that you can address the underlying causes and develop responsible gambling strategies as soon as possible. Additionally, if you fear your identity will be revealed, there are many anonymous organizations available

Ineligibility of Minors for Gambling

Protecting young people from the potential harms of gambling is an important aspect of responsible gambling. This is why many bookmakers, including Baji, implement strict age verification and data verification procedures for each user. Since minors cannot be held accountable for their actions and spending, and are more susceptible to addiction that can lead to various negative consequences, there are various educational campaigns to prevent underage gambling.